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Speaking of eReaders and .PDFs



On the Nook or Kindle app on any of my Android devices or the corresponding PC apps from B&N and Amazon, with multiple books on either Nook or Kindle, the eReaders open up to the page I was last on for any given book whether a Nook book or a Kindle one. Obviously Adobe Acrobat Reader XI doesn't do this, nor does/would fully licensed Acrobat (which I also have) unless I specifically create (and re-create as I read a book) a bookmark.

Any apps on the Store or otherwise that would do this? I read a lot of technical manuals (IBM Redbooks) for which this would be handy.

Thanks in advance.


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The stock reader app remembers where you last left as well. You can't highlight with it, but it allows simple annotations too.


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OP can correct me if I misunderstood but I think he's talking about multiple devices as well ? eg I read an epub book on my android phone on google books, I open it via the Google Books App on Chrome on my SP3 and it opens onto the same page, which is a feature that's really convenient.

To the OP, you could do it using Google books but no annotation support. (You can highlight) as it supports PDF and Epub syncing across various devices