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Special Flash Website not working on Surface RT


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If you go to this Website: Masterchef 5000 - Moulinex
and click on "so einfach..." on the left bottom corner it's not working on Surface RT. It works on Windows 8 (non RT).
I already tried the hack adding it to the <flash> section of iecompatdata.xml and another regedit hack but it didn't help.

Any Tipps or should I report that to MS as a Bug?
Make sure that you disable "Download updated compatibility list from Microsoft" from the full version of IE under Tools - Comparability View settings and also delete your browser history.
Sorry already forgot about that thread... I tried it again and I still came to a blank page. Then while typing this answer I suddenly saw the video flashing on my surface :-D. Don't know, maybe I really forgot to clear cache or was too impatient.
THANKS for the answers.

For all the googlers: Add <domain>moulinex.de</domain> somewhere between<Flash> and </Flash> in iecompdata.xml in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\IECompatData. Open InternetExplorer in Desktop Mode. Press "Alt" key under Tools/Settings for compability uncheck "Update compabilitylist from Microsoft" press close. Finally under Tools/Internetoptions clear the browser history. - Done! Now you can check out the site with full flash support, even in your ModernUI Internetexplorer.
I haven't found any videos that I can't view on my RT not that I look at many, but it's true.
Every site that I've added to the list has worked fine, although I've noticed some of them took some time to finally kick in and work. I've also had to add the site/source of the actual video (by looking it up in the page source info).