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Splashtop problems


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First post.... I've downloaded the newest versions to a Surface RT and a Win 7 Ultimate laptop, no problems.
When connected to a wireless router on the internet on the same network all is well, works great. Without an internet connection nothing. Both machines have logged on to the Splashtop servers, have different names, but when on a private LAN, with the same router nothing. So if I'm running fine and unplug the internet connection everything stops. Tried both an Airport Express and a Lynksys E2500, port forwarded 6783-6785, rebooted everything yet the RT will not talk to the laptop unless the router is connected to the internet. Funny thing is Android devices work just fine with or without connection to the internet. Any ideas?

Check properties of the Wireless Adapter on your RT.
Disable IPv6, and if you can, make IPv4 choose IP addresses automatically. No need to make any changes to the DNS server setting.

Let us know.
I suppose you have carefully checked the WORKGROUP setting is okay.
If so, seems the RT wants to talk to the laptop by way of a gateway address external to your local network. Are you perhaps using "dynamic DNS" (DDNS) services?