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Win 8 Laptop Can't Find Surface on Same WLAN


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I have my Surface RT and my Windows 8 laptop connected to the same WiFi router, sharing the same internet connection.

If I understood things correctly, I should be able to play video and photos from my laptop onto my Surface, right? But the Surface is not listed under PC Settings | Devices.

Both the Surface and the Laptop have "sharing" turned on for the network.



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I had issues adding my Surface to my existing Homegroup, but leaving and then joining a new one has worked. That is once you set what you are looking for to share.


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So I have to add both devices to the same homegroup in order to use "Play To" ? How does that work for XBoxes and DLNA tv's?


For the Xbox you use the SmartGlass App which looks for your Xbox automatically and connects to it, you can then "Play To" with it. As for streaming media from other computers on your network you don't really need to use a Home Group. I don't have a Home Group setup and I can stream from any computer that has a Share setup on it, although I only stream from my Server.


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I have only been able to see my PC from the Surface, but not the other way around. So if I want to wirelessly transfer something, I go on my Surface and transfer the file (either direction) from the Surface interface. I have not been able to have my Surface visible to my desktop computer (running Win 7) even through Homegroup. Not sure why, or if it is possible. On my desktop, under Network I have mapped to the Surface, but every time i try to access it I get an error message saying I can't access it.


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The LanMan Service (Server Service in the Services Control Panel under the Administrator Tools) is disabled by default, you need to enable the service and start it, keep in mind that is will add an attack surface to your device and is not recommended.
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