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I had a Surface RT and traded it in for a Surface 3. My questions are about differences in behavior when starting up.

The Surface RT would show the lock screen if I opened the typepad. I did not have to push the power button.

The Surface 3 will sometimes show the lock screen when the typepad is opened, but other times will stay blank until I press the power button. Then I get the SURFACE logo with the spinning wheel for a few seconds before the lock screen appears.

Is this normal behavior?

Thank you,
My rt and S2 turned on when I opened the type cover I am pretty sure.

This isn't doing it at all when I open the type cover but will if I hit a key so I am experiencing the same thing.
When it does turn on maybe you are hitting the mouse pad or key.
I don't know if this is normal or requires a firmware update.

The spinning is after you have left it for more than 4 hours and exited connected standby.
Again I don't think this happens unless I turn it on via the power button or maybe pressed a key on the type cover