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Steam users - how are you storing your games?


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This question is for people who have Steam on their Surface (well, Surface Pro 2 in my case).

Given the small storage, how are you storing all of your games? I'm running out of space, and it's terrifying. Do SD Cards work well for Steam games, or would a flash drive be better? Any other alternatives?

If an SD card is the answer, any suggestions?


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at first I started with a micro sd card. same class as type listed above. but even that wasn't enough room. so I got me a Toshiba Canvio portable hardrive. its usb 3.0 and 1.5tb of storage space. my storage issues are now solved. I have tons of games stored up there from steam. like SPlinter Cell Blacklist, Batman Origins, Bulletstorm, Borderlands 2, etc... I even got that new metal gear already preordered. cant wait to play that one on my surface.
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