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Stickerboy comments for other new users.....


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I've had my SP3 for a few weeks now and pretty much right away I knew that I needed to try and improve the grip feel since the back was so slick but I really didn't want add the bulk of a case. I did a lot of searching here and on other boards and saw several comments saying the Stickerboy carbon fiber decals had a good amount of texture and improved the grip feel. I installed the full coverage package yesterday and wanted to let others that may be searching for the same thing what I thought.

The product seems to be a very high quality 3M decal and I think it will give the Surface very nice scratch protection. I think it makes the Surface attractive and "mine", if you know what I mean. While there is a texture to the decal I don't feel that it's really enough to warrant the purchase just for the purpose if making it easier to handle without fear of dropping it. Buy it for increased attractiveness and customization - Yes. Buy it for scratch protection - Absolutely. Buy it to make the grip more slip resistant - No. It's a great product and I'm glad I have it but contrary to what others have said, I don't really feel like the small amount of added texture makes it easier to grip. I wish they made a soft rubber fell decal set.



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They have better textured ones than the item you purchased. I got the matte black textured one after trying some of the others on past devices.


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That's good to know. Guess I should've researched some more. My work footed the bill for this one and anything else will be out of my pocket so I'm sure I'll be quite happy with the carbon fiber version :)