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What apps are people using to markup PDFs with the Pro's pen?

I'm a teacher and use PDFs a lot in class. I have been using PDF Xchange for years to type on, and draw lines and circles on PDFs in class. With the SP I'd like to be able to write on them using the pen.

I've tried using the pen tool to write in PDF Xchange and also Nitro. Both are not very good for inking. The 2 main problems are:
1. What I write doesn't appear anywhere near as smooth as it does in One Note.

2. I can't write/draw a dot. Both programs require a certain length of pen stroke before registering any marks on the screen. So, I can't use any periods, or dot my "i" and "j".

Is there a PDF app that lets you ink as good as One Note?

You can either open the pdf in word 2013.rt click open with etc. And use words inking functions 2- you can print the pdf to one note thru the printer menu and ink in there or print to windows journal, my current fav for inking pdfs.
If you want a native PDF Inking Application you can check out PDF Annotator from Grahl Software. I think it most helpful if you need to share the annotated PDF with others. If not I would use OneNote.
Thanks. Some of my PDFs are 60 or even 100 pages big, so printing to OneNote, Journal or Word is not really workable. Plus OneNote is good for drawing over images, but typing over images and then getting the text in the right spot is a little difficult. It seems to snap to a fairly non-fine grid.

I've played with PDF Annotator for about an hour and it seems pretty good. Entering in text seems a little more cumbersome than PDF Xchange, but drawing and writing are much better. I'll keep testing it out and trying to set up the tool bars and favorites to my needs, but I think this might be a winner.

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[edit] Just wanted to say thanks once again to jnjroach for the recommendation of PDF Annotator. I've been using it a lot over the last 2 days (at home on Sunday, and most of the day at work today) and just bought the full version.
Now that I have all of my favorite tools set up on the side bar, it makes using and marking up PDFs so fast, easy and efficient.
If you work a lot with PDFs you really should check this program out.
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I use the autoink plugin for acrobat. Works great, but not quite as good as OneNote. I routinely print large (100+ page) pdfs to OneNote and take notes on them in class, which I find to work the best for me.

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I have been using PDF Touch for months. I have the Surface RT but sometimes use a pen, and for me it works perfectly.
I wanted to check out all the fuss with pdf annotated so I grabbed the free try. Am I missing something or does it not have palm rejection. Does have a lot of features but not palm rejection...yikes. I still like Windows journal but again I don't load 100 page pdf either.
I use PDF Annotator nearly everyday. I have no problems with palm rejection. I do prefer OneNote but agree with riggi that printing large PDFs to OneNote does not seem too efficient (plus you cannot then print them correctly). PDF Annotator seems to be the best solution for me although it does seem a bit laggy.