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Stuck at Getting Devices Ready after Firmware installation


Hi! I hadn't installed any update on my SP2 since February, but today I decided to install the most recent firmware update it showed (11th March update). It rebooted, installed everything and then it got stuck at the black screen with the white Surface logo saying Getting Devices Ready (or something like that). It's been like this for more than 1 hour.

What should I do? What happens if I make a hard reset by pressing Volume button + Power button? I don't know if making a hard reset in the middle of an update could screw something up... Please help!!

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Hey, thanks Jefhart! I did a hard reset just as stated on the website you posted and then I started the SP2 again. The "Getting devices ready" screen appeared for just 3 seconds and then Windows started perfectly.
How could I know if all the updates have been successfully installed? Should I do a System Recovery to make sure there's no update "half installed"?
On the website you posted there are a lot of troubleshooting steps to follow (Start with Safe Mode, System recovery, Startup Repair or even Clean Windows Install), but I don't think all of them are needed in my case...



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I just had a similar problem Getting Devices Ready stuck at 25% - after half an hour I did a hold Power and volume up. After several restarts it appears to have recovered. Thanks for the confidence in doing a reset


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Run windows update again to see if updates are still required. I certainly wouldn't go into a repair or reinstall without good cause.