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Stuck in Safe mode


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My SP4 cant enter windows. It only starts in safe mode. I have tried anything. Recovery drive by usb stops and i cant install new windows. Any suggestions?


Try booting from the USB and doing a clean install after formatting the drive.
Else if it is still under warranty send it back to MS.


Can you in Safe Mode type in Search msconfig?
If yes under Boot tab untick Safe Boot, then under General tab Normal Startup.
Restart computer.


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Try the following to force Windows into Automatic Repair:

As it tries to boot into Windows, force it to shutdown by pressing and holding the power button. Restart and repeat three times. It should go into repair on the third time.

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thank you guys, i'm also having this problem of being stuck in the safe mode. thanks a lot for the tips. so far i haven't tried them as i just read these, but, can i ask questions in case somethign would go wrong? will come back with updates later! thanks!
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