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Stylus for Surface Pro - Calibration


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Quoted from Dartesian in a different thread:

You might try:

Reset any existing calibration in Tablet PC settings.

Press Win key, type "Run"

Copy and paste the following into the Run window:

tabcal lincal novalidate XGridPts=10,60,110,360,660,960,1260,1560,1860,1910 YGridPts=10,60,170,330,490,650,810,970,1020,1070

Run the command, allow permissions, go through the calibration. This makes for near perfect pen accuracy, but it's never going to be perfect. Corners will still be messed up, but that's how it works, apparently. More X and Y points can be added to the lists for even more precision. Each number just corresponds to the X or Y coordinate of a pixel on the screen.

Source: Improved Pen Accuracy with a 100 Point Calibration Grid : Surface

This fixed all my problems I held the stylus normally and it works perfectly in every part of the screen (minor corner issues seem to be unavoidable)
I tried this and it just gives me an invalid grid data error message after running the calibration tool


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Nevermind, it's because I changed my resolution. Still, after running it, I don't see any difference. It's always pointing behind my stylus when I want it in front...


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How were you holding the pen during the process?
I tried a few more times and noticed that it seems to calibrate based on the angle of the pen. A little better, but still never really all that precise. I've never used a tablet before, so I guess I was expected a bit more pinpoint accuracy.

Another question I have is regarding the pressure sensitivity. I only picked up for photoshop and I know there are drivers coming. Will they improve any of the accuracy? For example, on my intuos I can swipe back and forth quickly, but if I do it on surface there is a laggy delay and it doesn't register strokes very well.


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I'm surprised the stylus doesn't self-calibrate. Considering that it's a touch screen, the Surface should be able to basically put two and two together, and adjust the cursor to match where it was poked on the screen.


Guys, remember the angle of the pen when near the screen affects its accuracy because the sensor in the pen isn't in the blue tip, it's above it.


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Surface Pro Pen - Hardware Issue

I did some simple Google searching after reading some reviews that the stylus for Surface Pro works much better after calibration. Does anyone know how to do this? I looked at a glance within Settings and nothing jumped out at me. I half-expected there to be a utility of some sort but nothing has presented itself yet. If anyone has ideas, please share, thanks!
I have a feeling Microsoft released the early versions of the surface pro with minor hardware defects.

Watch this video: [video=youtube;4ZjsOP5_Vf0]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZjsOP5_Vf0[/video]

All the units seem to behave the same with the minor imperfections along the edges and in the corners. Just try not to be OCD, its not that bad.
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