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Apparently, the Surface Book 3's touchscreen still cannot be calibrated


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I posted this inquiry on r/Surface a while back to no response, so I'm trying here; I really would like an answer to this.

So I've recently invested in a Surface Book 3. I got a nice third-party stylus to work with it. And just to make everything perfect, I decided to try to calibrate the touchscreen.

I click "Calibrate" in the Control Panel's Tablet PC Settings window, the window disappears, I get the error SFX... And nothing happens. Both with the pen or touch.

After some research, it turns out this is a common problem. Windows Updates won't fix it. The Surface Diagnostic Tool won't fix it. Resetting to factory settings won't fix it. In fact, I've heard of one report of someone trying one right out of the box after replacing their Surface due to this exact same problem, only to find out that the fresh unit had that problem as well, so this error runs pretty deep. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't seem too interested in fixing this anytime soon, based on all the vague and noncommittal comments from Microsoft support that I've seen.

Luckily for me, the way the calibration is already is pretty accurate. So I guess my real question here, if no one has any real solutions to this long-standing problem, is do I have to worry much about this setup eventually drifting on me? I've heard claims that new units don't ever need calibration, and I hope that's true considering if I ever did need it, that's pretty much it for my touchscreen since calibration is a no-go.