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Superior WiFi speeds on Surface Pro 2, Why?


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I have a technical question. So I returned my Note 10.1 2014 edition because of the lag and traded in SF Pro 2.
So I was about to get a new router and I noticed with the new tablet I get 3-4X the speed.

Before on 5ghz band I was getting 30Mbps in my bedroom, now I get around 100Mbps~.
My 2.4ghz band also doubled from 35Mbps to 70Mbps.
Also when I stand next to router with the tablet 5ghz, my speed went from 100Mbps to 140Mbps~.

I also tested my HTC One and I was getting similar speeds to Note 10.1 2014.

It a combination of a better Wifi chip and bigger antenna?



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I brought my SP2 into the kitchen while making breakfast and was stunned that I was able to stream uncompressed Blu-ray.


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Has some to do with doubling WiFi bandwidth. Look to the anandtech review for specifics. But the WiFi and ram bandwidth was further modified to maximum performance.

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