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WiFi chip on the SP2?


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I lost connection twice since I've owned my sp2. Never had a single issue with any of my MacBook(s) or iPad(s)
holy fckin hell I can't add an s to end of words

I'm really hoping WiFi isn't an issue. I'm not 100% loving this as much as I hoped....


None of those fixed it, neither did disabling selective suspend of power down in the device manager network adaptor settings, hmm!!! The search continues!


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My SP2 is noticeably better than my SP1 - however, the SP1 upgraded to 8.1 fixed the issues I was having with it. Now, they are both stable but the SP2 is faster.


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I have a dual band router 2.4 & 5ghz - I was on the 5ghz which doesn't show full connection bars (wtf) - so I'm trying the 2.4ghz band now to see if that helps....


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Thanks for these.

Side note for every one new to the Surface, the only time I've ever had wireless issues was when on battery. This was remedied by ensuring that in my advanced power settings, for whichever power plan I'm using, that the wireless adapter settings were set for Maximum Performance. Problems are now very, very rare.

Do you know how much of a hit this puts on battery life?