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I exchanged my Surface 2 because.....


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Mine is really starting to piss me off...Tried to wake it up - nothing happend. Light on the Typecover goes on and also the Windowsbutton is making the usual Sound when beeing pressed but nothing else. Had to restart it with pressing the powerbutton for a long time...I don´t really know what´s going on here...hope this was a once in a lifetime Thing.


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king>> this happens to me too once in a blue moon, what happened was I turned on the device and then turned it off almost instantly and I think that messed with the instant on feature


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Word of warning on today's patches on the Pro 2, Mini-display port is no longer detecting monitor through the Mini-DP to HDMI Surface Adapter....investigating


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I just exchanged mine. I noticed a popping sound from the left size bezel when I pressed it hard. I felt that a screen was not attached properly. There was no problem in terms of screen quality or anything. I happened to find it out when I first held S2 only with a left hand and put it down on the table.