1. B

    Failure to activate sb3 tablet after sleep

    Today I am using the tablet of my sb3. All is is working fine except that after using the button to make it sleep then wake up the screen although it has the last content has frozen. I cannot even open the notification panel. Attaching the screen restores all functionality. Why does this...
  2. unruledboy

    Solved Mouse move lagging

    Specs: Surface Book 2, 13'', mid range, latest firmware. Env: Philips 40 inch 4K via USB-C -> DisplayPort Symptoms: frequently mouse lagging, even a simple move, the pointer will be freezed for a few seconds, and it's so frequent, it is practically not usable. Any ideas?
  3. J

    disable or uninstall Cortana? - problems with last W10 update

    Ever since this update [2017-10 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems (KB4041676] my SP4 keeps hanging or the screen freezes. I have to use reset to get the system going again. I have noticed that Cortana often (but not always) shows a mad flicker when this...
  4. T

    Surface pro 4 screen shake, freeze, horizontal lines across the screen

    This is the post I posted on Microsoft Community, and I'd like to get opinion on this forum as well. Thank you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, I'm a surface pro 4 user in South Korea, and I...
  5. D

    SP3 File Manager Freezes Up

    I have been experiencing an issue wherein File Manager/ Recycle Bin/ Etc will completely not work until rebooting the computer. This happens every few days or so if I do not reboot the computer in between. Most recently I had rebooted the computer on Friday, didn't use it at all on Saturday...
  6. V

    Freeze, constant freezing - screen dims slightly

    Hi Not sure if anyone has experienced this, read lots of forums can't find the same fault. When the Surface has booted to windows 8.1 or windows 10. Tried the software, fresh install and different type cover. Basically a new setup. Tried the reset power off and hold down power button for...
  7. ShadowHunter007

    Surface 3 Pro screen freeze, but Spotify and Cortana still work

    Hello everyone! I'm having a problem with my Surface Pro 3 I3 4gb 64GB SSD. It freezes. A lot. And it is annoying as hell. What happens is that when I'm just doing my regular stuff, browsing the internet, uploading files to OneDrive, clearing up my library, stuff like that, all of a sudden my...
  8. H

    Surface Book - Black screen after sleep mode

    Hello! Hopefully I am not the only one experiencing this problem. I have a surface book with the i5 processor without the NVIDIA graphics card option. I've been having a problem with the SB where the screen freezes after going into sleep mode. The screen stays black and the only thing that I...
  9. N

    Surface Pro 4, performance and Firefox

    Recently I've bought Surface Pro 4 256 Gb 8 Gb, i5. All was fine, except one thing: there are small freezes when I use Firefox (version 42). They arise if I open few tabs and grow quickly with each new tab. Other browsers (Edge, and a little bit worse Chrome) have no problem. And if I open many...
  10. B

    [SP4] Status bar freezes

    Hi All, I setup the SP4 today. Everything seemed to work like a charm until I downloaded and installed the updates Windows offered through the update function (not the 18/11 upgrade though). After a reboot to finish the update process everything looked normal. However, whenever I click Windows...
  11. majorgearhead

    Solved SD Card causing 100% disk spikes and system freezes

    First of all I have a SP3 that came from the factory with Windows 10 pre-installed. I have it updated to the latest patch level. When I put any SD card in the slot formatted with any filesystem (tested all 3) I notice system freezes at random times. I opened task manager and clicked the...
  12. H

    Photoshop freezes random

    Hi, I am using Photoshop in combination with the surface pro 3 and docking station with a Wacom Intuos 4. Recently I updated to windows 10, now I am having all kinds of problems with Photoshop when its in the docking station. When I am using photo shop cloning is a problem, It doesn't...