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Surface 4 Dock and On Off


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Because I am a little confused I ask for advice.
Although the battery is charged at 100%, the Dock must be On to Ethernet work. Because when the Dock is turned off, also stops working Ethernet ?.
Because my Surface 4 i7 working abut 10h daily, I'm worried about battery status and Dock, if is On 10/h despite a 100% charge.
Ethernet quality is better than WiFi so important for me to be connected to the Ethernet.
Please for advice.


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Your post has me a little confused. The Surface Pro (external) dock does not have a battery. What exactly do you mean by turning off the dock?


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Assuming I understand your intent... I would not worry much about leaving the Surface on the dock charging. However, if you were to take it off on the weekend or even after hours occasionally and let it play a video for a few hours even with sound off or run TabletMark once in a while you would have plenty of discharge time on the battery.


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When I used Surface Pro 3 with " a normal power supply", I switched only to charging time. After that Surface 3 worked on battery.
Therefore my question about Dock, because it is something different than previous power supply.
However, thank you very much for any advice and suggestions.
I was afraid that turned on the Dock Surface 4 at full battery may damage the tablet or the power supply itself.
Thank You.

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