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Surface 4Pro and Chromecast


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I use MicrosoftEdge as my browser (not interested in Chrome) and was given a ChromeCast dongle.

will this work for casting my surface to a Samsung smart TV?

Not a techie so please keep it simple.


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Short answer, something might work, but not 100% and you might loose quality.

Long answer:

Edge has a cast media to device feature, it was never able to find my friends chromecast, and even if it work for you, protected content like Netflix or Hulu won't work.

If what you want is casting your desktop and use your TV as a second screen, you will need chrome, and the quality is mediocre.
Check if your TV has miracast out of the box or check the Microsoft wireless display adapter, although don't expect much from the quality either, better than chromecast, much worse than cable.
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