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Surface App shows all zeros(0) for serial number...


So I was on Windows 8.1 and could always see my serial number in the Surface app. However, I reinstalled Winwodws 10 last week and now, when I look at the app, all I see is 12 zeros(0) for the serial number.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but it still shows all zeros.

Any ideas how to have it show the serial number again?


After rebooting a couple times, it began to show the serial number again. Not sure why it took a complete uninstall/reinstall/several reboots to finally work again.
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That's good to hear. It happens once on my SP3, but I always reboot twice after Windows update + Disk Cleanup + Disk Defrag


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I have a disk activity light, (software), and it takes quite a few minutes after an update for everything to finish and get caught up.

Wish I had that on my phone. I usually know when it's done with the background tasks when the blue tooth icon pops up.


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How I miss the disk led on most new computers. I really liked having a disk activity led when trouble shooting computer problems.