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Surface app missing button customization in windows 10


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Hey guys,

Setting up an SP3 Pro for my daughter and was trying to get the onenote desktop app to open with the pen button.

The first time I installed the surface app, it showed button customization but all of the tiles for "Learn about your Surface" were blank. I uninstalled the surface app and reinstalled it.

Now the tiles are still blank and it is missing the button customization option. All of the updates have been done on the surface. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times. I have also removed and re-paired the pen several times with no luck.

Has anyone else had this isue and come up with a solution?

I am half tempted to put Windows 8.1 back on the thing.


It has to do with the drivers the pen uses. I'm not sure the Windows 10 surface app ever had these options.

What people were doing (me included) was taking the pen drivers from the SP4 and installing them on the SP3 to enable those options. The problem was, those drivers were causing BSODs and other stability issues. I, myself, went back to the old drivers.

I think MS initially released these same pen drivers in January as part of the SP3 firmware update, but the stability issues caused MS to reissue the firmware update with rolled back drivers.

I don't think MS has issued any new pen drivers for the SP3 since.