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Surface as a TV screen

Cheers Jeff. The hunt continues. And no, it is not an xbox, she is a playstation fangirl and nearly bit my head off when I mentioned I'd bought an xbox for myself :cool:

Jeff's ellaboration sounds like a correct setup. I think it should be possible as long as an app supports the feed with direct streaming. But BubbaUK has just shared his experience. I would think the usb tv tuner would support an app in the box on the CD/DVD. Can
t think of a third party app at the moment that could be compatible with the intended functionality.

The only other thing I can think of is a miracast type setup. I do it with my surface pro to smartTV sometimes when I want to show content from the tablet on the big screen. I can imagine a miracast module could do the same for your surface, and it might my less hastle. Might eat up your battery a bit more quickly though than a cable connection. But with your specific intent of your TV usb tuner, that's likely not your goal. sorry.