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How I Pack My Junk


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When on travels, or even when just taking my Mac or my Surface to my workplace, I used to put my accessories like power adapters, cables, a mouse, and the like in one of the pockets of my computer bag. But these accessories sometimes jumble around, get tangled up, can bind against sensitive screens, make the bag too fat in the wrong places, and even cause me to drop an object on the floor and risk losing it while I fish around for the right accessory.

Until several months ago, I used freezer food bags to organize these things. Worked okay, but did not stop the jumbling around, etc.

Here's the solution I started using several months ago: The Cocoon GRID-IT, size medium. For $25 I use this clever elastic band mesh to store all my accessories on a single pull-out item, keep them flat, and even at a glance, take inventory, so I don't leave an item in a hotel room or in my office. Also helps me make sure I have everything before departing on a trip. Got everything here, including GPS (upper-left), mouse (center), multi-card reader (upper-right), VGA adapter (bottom-left), and the Wireless Keyboard Adapter (bottom). Smaller footprint than the keyboard.

I have bag and GRID-IT Mac, and one for my Surface.

The link above is from the (gasp!) AppleStore, but it is available from Amazon here.



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That's handy, added this to my favourites in case I ever buy any ''junk''.

What cover is that? It looks absolutely beautiful.


Interesting that in your write up you refer to it as a GRIND-IT when the actual name is the GRID-IT which seems a little more descriptive. When I first read grind-it, the name seemed to describe something that would be destructive rather than useful. LOL.

Thanks for the link. I ordered 2.

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That is so awesome!! I'm ordering several tomorrow for myself and my tech support staff!! Thanks for the great find!


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I have one of these as well, which has a handy pocket on the back (I think it's designed for the iPad and doesn't quite fit the SP2 in it, although maybe a Surface might be able to squeeze in)
I went and got the smaller medium sided Grid IT after seeing this. Its good to keep my charger attached to as I keep all my gadgets in a wicker hamper so that my GF doesnt complain about me making the place untidy. Now I just pull that out and I have my charger and mouse ready to go instead of having to fish through keyboards, controllers, portable consoles and various cables to get what I need.
I like that it has a hook on it. When I can finally afford to upsize and get my own study in a spare room it would good to hang a few of these on the wall with various stuff attached to them.


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Those Grid-Its are awesome, I have been using one for a couple years, as well as one of their small electronics pouch/cases.


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Lots of posts recently about traveling with the Surface Pro 2 or Surface Pro 3.
I've added the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter to my GRID-IT, keeping my travel kit complete.

I used the Wireless Display Adapter to watch Hulu and Netflix content in a hotel room last week. The GRID-IT helps me make sure I have all my accessories, and also helps me to avoid losing the little bits in a hotel room or conference venue upon departure.