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Surface Book (1) battery weirdness


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Hi clever people!
Five months ago I received a fully working replacement Surface Book (after receiving and returning two quirky replacements...), and now the battery is starting to act weirdly: it drains much faster than usual (wear?), and the charging stops at a seemingly too low level for Battery 2 while Battery 1 still charges to 100%. On the attached screenshot, for example, I connected the laptop to power while Battery 2 was at 92% and Battery 1 around the same. Battery 2 didn't even begin to charge, but Battery 1 keeps charging toward 100%. Until about a month ago, both would have kept charting to 100%. Can, and should, I tweak the behavior somewhere?
Many thanks!

EDIT: See this thread: "0% and not charging"


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For what its worth I've seen the same kind of messages on the Surface Book 2 but eventually both batteries get charged. As to your fast battery drain check to see if your machine is fully shutting down when you turn it off. See my post from a few days ago. After the March 2019 OS update I found that my machine was not completely turning off when I shutdown. Thus getting a big battery drain if I didn't have it plugged into power while presumably shut down. On a Surface Book you can check this by touching the "Fn" key - the LED will illuminate. Or if you have a back lit keyboard be sure the back light is on when you power down and then touch any key after it appears to have shut down. On mine the keys illuminate indicating the machine is still running. I have to press and hold down the power button nearly 30 seconds to force a shut down. No solution to this as yet,


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Thank you for the tips! I'll keep my eye out for "falsely" shutting down. Hopefully the batteries won't die on me just yet, and hopefully your/our power-off problem will be patched eventually!