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Surface Book 1 i7 non performance base WONT charge to 100%


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Hi all,

As noted in the title, my Microsoft Surface Book 1 won't charge to 100%. My laptop is currently plugged in and charging however, the battery in the bottom right only shows 70%. If I click on the battery icon it shows that battery 1 is 100% and battery 2 is 60%... I'm pretty sure battery 2 is the keyboard battery and I have tried detaching the tablet and only charging the keyboard, but it didn't charge it any more than 60% :(. Does anyone have any sort of fix for this stupid problem? I used to have a SB performance base and didn't have a single issue over my ownership. Now that I own the non performance base I am having this issue which is realllly annoying. I did try fully discharging the laptop and recharging it fully but that didn't work. Also, I ran a battery diagnostic report and both batteries have approximately 100ish cycles on them although they don't have the same number of cycles. I don't know what to try next and the nearest Microsoft store is kinda far away so please help ME!!

Wayne Orwig

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A couple of moths ago there was a 'battery limit' enabled in the charger. Normally, when you enable it, BOTH batteries do not charge over about 50%. For devices that are plugged in all of the time, that is supposed to help battery life.
For a time, before the firmware fix, the feature could only be enabled for one battery, so they are treated separately. Maybe yours has just the base enabled.
I would try toggling that setting on and off, to see if it changes anything. It is in the boot menus I believe.
Take a critical look at your screen, the entire tablet portion. If it is starting to bow (imagine a pillow) then the screen battery is going bad. A bad battery can affect the charging capability of the other battery. Mine went bad at a little over 2 years old and Microsoft replaced the Book for free.