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Surface Book 2 hardware connection issues


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So I spilt coffee on my laptop keyboard and tried save it as much as possible. After the incident there was still some on and off functionality from the keyboard but now unfortunately it doesn’t register input any more on all the buttons, and the dedicated gpu (1060) doesn’t register either in the software, the tablet part of the laptop cannot charge unless plugged into the direct charging point when detached (which I have to forcefully pull off as the eject button doesn’t work). Tried multiple softwares to solve the problem if it was a program error but still nothing. Last resort is a complete restart but I don’t know if that is able to fix these issues. Any advice? Thanks.


Staff member
Your keyboard and charging circuitry is likely permanently damaged beyond repair. Surface Book 2 keyboards are interchangeable, however, and orphan keyboards are available on sites such as Ebay, etc, from owners who have broken clipboards (screens).