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The display battery is destroying my Surface book !!


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Good morning all

I am in dispute with Microsoft who provided me with my Surface book
This material is geared towards professionals.

I chose this model because the screen and the keyboard can come apart.
I therefore find myself at the disposal of a very practical tablet to carry out interactive training / presentation.

Who says tablet screen, says that there is in the screen (unlike the vast majority of laptops):
• A battery
• A hard disc
• Part of the motherboard and a graphics card

For some time now I have noticed that the screen has a tendency to mark itself (see attached photos).
Then the closing of the device was no longer complete. (see attached photos)
You will see in another photo that the screen is distorting significantly.

The battery in the display is deforming.
• It is destroying the slab by the pressure it exerts on it
• The marks on the screen are the result of this pressure exerted by the battery, which compresses the backlight strips on all four edges of the screen and begins to burn the screen
• Deformation prevents safe and complete closing of the screen
• This device is becoming dangerous, a defective battery may explode and ignite. This model does not allow any access to the latter.

Do other people have this concern?
Microsoft remains deaf to my requests


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Yes, you have a swollen battery. Yes, that's bad. Is this a gen1? Yes many other people have this too.
How has Microsoft "provided you with" this device? Haven't you bought it?
Hello Plantje,
I am French, I bought it in France but microsoft simply offers me to buy a used device from them without further support.
It is shameful of them it seems to me. I am trying to see if I can do an expertise of the machine to prove the hidden defect.
Is there a grouping of users in the same case as me?
what is Microsoft's position in the United States?
Thank you for your reply
In the US, I believe that they will replace a swollen battery for 3 years. (I have not seen that in writing, so maybe not)
My Book 1 is original and older, and the battery is swelling, and has a very short charge life. I just ordered a replacement battery and I am going to try to swap it, if the battery ever shows up. It is on a slow boat from China.
I would bet you can get a replacement battery, and find a shop that does cell phone and tablet batteries, and get it replaced.
there are tutorials for removing the screen?
I think it is already too late for me, the screen is badly damaged .. but I could give this machine to my daughter ..
As I understood, you should not use the device anymore as the battery can explode. You bought this device new in the store? Then you should still have warranty