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Surface Pro 3 BSOD and can't recover


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So I bought a surface off of ebay that arrived today. After playing around with it I kept getting BSOD errors. They were'nt the wifi problems other people are having but it kept crashing with pretty much different errors all the time.

After running into the problems a few more times I began running updates and it was crashing even during the updates with nothing else running. Due to this I thought a factory wipe and reset would be the best action. I kicked off the complete wipe and recover to make sure I removed everything. I selected the "Remove everything" option and unfortunately it failed at 3%. Each time I attempt a recover it appears to fails with a BSOD

I tried to look into opening a request with Microsoft but after entering my serial key it says "This enterprise device cannot be registered to a personal account. Enterprise customers with a Premier account can visit Microsoft Premier Online; non-premier customers should go to the Get Support page."

I am unsure what I can do at this point as now it isn't even usable. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


if you are near a MS store you can just set an appointment in their website. If i remember correctly it didn't ask me for a serial number when I set the appointment.

Hopefully your MS store personnel are very accommodating like mine.


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I got it to restore successfully by take it outside where its like 15 degrees and running the restore. It appears to be overheating causing blue screens from what I can tell. It overheats when I attempt to install updates.


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IMO The unit is defective, get a replacement.

You might also want to check on the legitimacy of that ebay seller. I have seen some sellers who buy product using an Enterprise agreement then resell them which may not be in full accordance with the agreement. I know some have been 'busted', not saying yours is doing anything wrong, it just sounds suspicious.


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Can you even get support on it? I am just assuming here, but my work gave me a SP3 (I get the same enterprise message when entering the serial). And I am thinking that if something happened to it MS would want to deal with our IT department, not me as I am technically not the owner. Might be different though since you could prove you purchased it.