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Surface book charger.


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I would like to buy an extra charger for my surface book 2 Can i buy none oem? or do i need to buy oem.

thank you


I have tried many off brand Surface chargers in the past and they were all absolutely terrible, plus I was a bit worried 3rd parties weren't complying to MS standards when it came to the Surface connector, it's not a very standard port after all.

Luckily the SB2 can now charge via USB C which is a much more widely accepted standard, they don't make ones with the same wattage as a SB2 charger but as long as you aren't maxing out your components all at once you should be just fine:


I did the experiment with the Apple 61W USB-C charging adapter and it worked just fine. So whenever stuck you can use a USB-C based charger.

However, I was in a BestBuy and there was an open box charger from a SB2 so picked it up
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