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Surface book screen issue


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I've had my surface book for just over a week now and I have noticed a somewhat minor yet worrying issue.

Sometimes when the screen is attached to the keyboard the whole screen goes black for a half second then comes back on. When it comes back on it makes the little chime that indicates it's attached leading me to believe it's somehow automatically detaching and re-attaching itself. Has anyone had an issue like this because I've searched the Internet and can't find anything?



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Well I bet you have the dGPU model and the black for a second is related to the dGPU. I've had it happen to me once or twice in 6 months.


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Your blade connectors of the hinge are likely dirty, or out of spec, causing intermittent detaching.

Wayne Orwig

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I had the happen once in the year I have owned it. A mild contact cleaner to the contacts in the blade appears to have cured it.