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Surface Bundle

Did anyone get the bundle with Complete? I bought my Surface at Best Buy, but then went to MS Store to ask about and purchase complete for $149. They said for $350 I could get the Type Cover, Complete, a sleeve, a year of Office 365, and in the box with the year of office also got 1 year of Xbox Live, a $60 Microsoft Gift Card, a year of Skype, and some type of Azure support. I wanted the fingerprint keyboard so ended up paying $375.

While a lot, Complete and Type Cover alone would have been $300. And my Xbox Live was expiring in a few months so saved $40-$60 there, and the $60 Microsoft Gift card will also save me money on movies, games I would have bought anyway (I have an Xbox One). Add in the year of office 365 and the case and it seems like a solid deal. Anyone else get this?


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I got the bundle as did 2 of my customers. Thing is I'm going to use Office 2016 instead of 365. I'll find a customer who will take it. It's a pretty good deal.