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Surface - Desk Mounts Help


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I'm not sure where else to put this so hopefully this will do.

What I'm after is a sturdy, affordable, desk mount to hold the Surface Pro 2 (well any surface). During the day, I work mostly from home when not out and about, and I use my main PC, remotely connecting to other workstations as required, using a multi-panel setup. It'd be great to mount this as a social media device during that period, or many other ideas I have. In order to do that though I need something to mount it on.

Now I've seen many arms out there for a few hundred pounds (GBP..UK guy here), but that's a tad overkill. Just wondering if anyone does likewise and what they use?

Many thanks in advance :)
Thanks for the response hotphil (I feel slightly dirty for calling you that!).

What I'm after though is a desk mount so I can swivel it in when in use, and swivel it away. I just can't find any specific Surface ones, and the dimensions are always slightly off.