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I have found the surface dial to be useful for my surface pro. Page scrolling and managing the volume from a distance when playing music is great. I hope microsoft unleashes more functionality of the dial though. I have found it very useful for various other functions and features in windows and apps. Dial funcitons that haven't been tapped into, I have come across are:

-defining double or even triple clicking on the dial to call for a function, feature or app
-defining press and hold+ turn left/turn right to activate a feature and its opposite
-defining speed of the dial turn to change the speed of how a feature is executed (example slow turning is <0,05 second skip of a video, medium turning is a 5-10 second skip of video and fast turning a 30 seconds or faster skip of a video.
- defining long press of the dial. now a 1-2 second hold can be used to open the dial menu, a 3-4 second hold to open the task switcher and 5 second or long to put the pc to sleep or shut it down?
-in the dial tool assigning in settings I am missing the windows key to save commands such as redo/undo or call up windows search etc.
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