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Solved Surface Dock Updater in a loop


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I just downloaded the Surface Dock Updater and ran it. It said my dock was out of date... ran through an update... asked me to disconnect for a period while the light flashed... then told me to reconnect. Then it said I was out of date and did it again. Did this about 5-6 times and finally just stopped. Is there any way to tell the firmware version that is actually installed? I'm guessing something isn't working right here.


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Yes, you're in a loop, like Groundhog Day.

Try one of these:

A. Update, but don't reconnect. Immediately do a hard reboot while leaving it connected.

B. Update, and disconnect and power down the dock (unplug). Then power up the dock, and reconnect.

Let us know ...


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Power cycling the dock and then updating one more time seems to have solved the problem. Thanks for getting me out of Groundhog Day!