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Surface Go 8GB Touchpad Device Missing From Device Manager


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I bought a used Surface Go 8GB and to ensure all was secure and up to date I installed a fresh version of Windows 10 Pro from the Microsoft site. Whilst everything works OK including the touchpad facilities, I've found that the touchpad device does not appear in Device Manager. Also, in the registry there are no entries in the Synaptics folder! I thus can't find the Touchpad settings either..
To repeat - my Surface Go works fine at the moment but there's obviously something wrong due to my re-installation of Windows.
Does anyone know how to fix this.??


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Did you download and install Surface Go specific drivers or try running Windows Update with the Type Cover attached or update Device Manager with the type cover attached.

The next step would probably be trying a different Type Cover ...


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I downloaded the surface go software and driver set from the Microsoft website after the windows 10 re-install. I'm sure the keyboard was attached

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