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Surface Go section?

We will have to wait and see who buys it. I believe there is a market for it, and, hey, they put something out there to see how it will be received. I have been reading comments on other websites and the negativity about the product does not surprise me at all. Some people want things to fail, just because...



I guess it is aimed more at the iPad demographic. I can see the advantage of a Go for light work, limited to Word/PowerPoint type of stuff. However for those that already own a Pro or SB I can't see a real reason to buy one. Then again I am something of a dinosaur, so am probably completely wrong.
I don't see the point of an iPad either.
I can see the advantage of a Go for light work, limited to Word/PowerPoint type of stuff.

I agree with you on this. We know that it is not for everyone, and we also know that there is an audience out there not into gaming, the fastest laptop in the world or the most powerful there is out there. I can see the Go being used for getting light work done, such as in education and for students to do papers, PowerPoint presentations, taking notes, etc, as you have mentioned in your post above.

I have read more negative reviews than positive ones. It is all in the mind. Many complained about the Surface 2. I love it and still use mine today.

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I think the Surface Go has a market with LTE.i think it is a great machine for traveling, as a second machine to carry around with you and more. I used to have a Surface 3 with LTE (still have it on the shelf), but recently upgraded to a Surface Pro LTE.

I travel a lot and the 3 was my travel machine. The LTE worked globally and with a Project Fi SIM in it and I had always on data in 170 countries. I could power it from many coach seats on an international flights where I only had USB power. I struggled to get Android working on the 3, but suspect you can with the new Go. With an Android tablet and Windows, it is a perfect travel machine.

My primary usage is Word, Outlook, and browsing. I am a lawyer. My processing needs aren't huge, but I can never completely detach on vacation. In another thread, people are criticizing a guy who had his Surface stolen for locking it in his car trunk. Per those posters, you are never smart locking your computer in your car. Well, that cuts in favor of a small light weight machine when going to foreign places.

As a second machine, I think the Surface Go sounds appealing.