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Surface goes blank


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My surface RT has recently started to go blank when the touch cover is folded back and it is laid flat on a table. The only way to wake it up is to lift it on an incline. Bizarre and annoying. Any ideas why this has suddenly started happening?

Any help would be greatly received.



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Sounds like it thinks your touch cover is closing. Try it with another cover if you can (Best Buy, Staples, MS store, friend) and see if that resolves it. If you don't have that option you might want to contact MS support and see what they say.


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Here's a shot in the dark: Do you keep the screen clean? Maybe a sensor is dirty. Thought I read this here a few months ago.


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Thanks for the feedback....as an update, it appears that this problem only occurs on a metal surface - no problem if I lay it flat on a wooden table, but shuts off on a metal table. Also, only a problem with the cover attached and folded back - without the cover attached, there is no issue. Very odd.


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The cover must be interacting with the metal table to make the Surface think the cover is closed.
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