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surface keeps forgetting eduroam wifi password


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Hi.. i have problems with eduroam password.. it keeps forgetting my login password so i have to relog many times... no problems on my home wifi..any clue how to fix it? thank you


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what is eduroam? Is it a website? Browsers can store password locally on the filesystem, I've not heard of a problem with storing one websites creds, but others succeed. Do you have this problem with other websites?


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its not website... its our college's wireless network :) when i am at home.. i have no problems.. i just type in WPA2 password and it works.. but in college... i have to login with my name and password... and surface requests it every time.. :-!
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Aw: surface keeps forgetting eduroam wifi password

Eduroam is a large network of net infrastructure on educational places. In reality it enables you to have easy internet on every university as long as your own is a member.
Regarding the problem: Was the profile build from scratch based on a how to from your college? Most problems appeared on windows system based on an automatic profile. On my old Win7 Workhorse i had the same problem, just rebuilding the profile solved the problem.