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Surface keyboard


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There are 5 different keyboards that released with different model Surfaces.
Pro 1/Surface RT: Touch Cover 1, Type Cover 1
Pro 2/Surface 2: Touch Cover 2, Type Cover 2
Pro 3: Type Cover 3.
Serial numbers would no doubt be specific to different versions and any that are registered will clearly identify the registered owner.

Not sure how you would wear the SN off the spine but try submitting a photo that clearly shows the area where the SN should be. Maybe one with the kybd and your screen together showing the product ID on screen at the bottom of the System page with date and time in the task bar.

Note: some (maybe most) keyboards had the SN closer to the center of the spine just right of the nib, not on the end as shown in the referenced photo, that may have only been the version ones.


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Pro 3: "Type Cover 3" is officially marketed under the name "Surface Pro Type Cover".

Generic confusion.


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Perhaps I should add that any of the keyboards will work with any model Surface (RT, Pro 1, S2, SP2, SP3).


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I have a Surface Pro 1. The number is worn out. A picture was submitted to Microsoft and this was acknowledged as received, but now I'm being ignored.

Wayne Orwig

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My original keyboard failed too. I had the extended / accident insurance. I was told the keyboard was not covered. They did go through the serial number questions, and my keyboard did not have a serial number. The replacement that I bought off of Amazon, has a serial number on the spine. My original, from Best Buy, didn't.

Word of warning, don't fold them backwards.