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Surface Music kit aka Remix project Cover


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I was fortunate enough to win a Music Kit Cover and won a 32GB Surface 2 as well,
here is the letter it came with

here is my unboxing of it

here is a video of it next to my surface pro 2


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I must admit I am extremely jealous, I really wanted that blade I can't wait till we hear news of weather Microsoft will sell this to public or not, I really want to be able to test around with it and see what it can do. How do you like it so far, what do you use it for exactly?


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Well I may have to sell mine if it turns out to be region locked (to the US) :( I'll update when I find out more.

To the OP, are you going to be entering into the competitions? $2,500 and Surface Pro 2 is an awesome prize!


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Ya I Tried using it, its really cool but i am not that good at mixing music and i work a lot so i dont have much time


Is there a way to get this working with a Surface Pro 3? I've installed the app and attached the cover, but the downloaded app isn't happy and complains about not having the right stuff.


Also, does anyone know of a way to backup the Surface Music Kit app offline, so I have a safe copy for future use, if Microsoft deprecates the app/removes it from the store/etc.?