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Surface NEWBIE here --- Is it possible to use two keyboards at once?

Hello Surface Forum Peeps!

I just picked up a Surface RT with a type cover and am loving this device! I'm a multi-tasker and have set up my Surface with an extended desktop to a 2nd monitor via the VGA adapter and it's working great, however it'd be really neat if I can do this:

Is it possible to use a Bluetooth keyboard (for work that i'm doing on the external monitor) and ALSO use the Type Keyboard at the same time for items that I'm working on directly with the Surface screen? If this is a possibility, i'd be able to work much faster (i'm ambidextrous).

Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to learning from you all and giving back to the community.

Take care :)


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Welcome to the forum. I do not believe it is possible to use a different keyboard for each screen. You will probably need a Surface Pro for that so you can install some legacy software that can probably do it. Or you can get a second Surface RT ;)