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Surface Pro 4 Keyboard HARDWARE issue

Mohamed Salahie

New Member
Hey Guys ,
I'm an avid user for my SP3 , however, I use a Surface Pro 4 Keyboard for it , Long Story short .
Last week
I started having trouble with the keyboard , just to make it more clear , I use a Speck Sleeve to protect the surface ,
I've been using it with no problem what so ever , never dropped it , no water spillage or anything what so ever , NOW , the problem is this , when I put the device in the sleeve and go out , and then try to use it again
many keys don't work at all " like the letters ZXCVB and the arrows keys , even the Enter Key " until I kinda bend the Keyboard back and forth ,it's really annoying , and It's not a SOFTWARE issue at all , it's most likely an over-bent keyboard , I try to put now on a flat office tables but the problem is still .. Nothing have helped me ... is there any possible way to kinda solve this problem whats so ever , BTW , after I do this bend the whole keyboard works perfectly fine ..... I admit I used it too much on my lap and may got like bent i don't know what to do ... If you have any question let me know , The Keyboard in a perfect cosmetic shape it's like brand new


Staff member
Seems the case has strained the keyboard, and some electronics are being disconnected due to the bending.

Mohamed Salahie

New Member
Thanks sharpuser for your quick reply ... Any ideas or solutions ?? right now I'm writing with this Keyboard to you . and every things looks good , but once I like put back to the case or even just like move a little some keys stop working .... it is really annoying ... any ideas ???