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Surface Pen trouble when plugged in

I've noticed that when my Surface Pro 6 is plugged in, palm rejection leaves the Surface Pen unusable. When my palm is not resting on the screen, the pen works fine. As soon as my palm touches the screen, the pen is unresponsive. This is quite frustrating for me as I use the pen a lot. Has anyone experienced this issue? Is there a fix?


Staff member
A wild question, but two things come to mind which can cause this:

1. Extra sweaty or moist palms, especially with alcohol-based lotions

2. Poor grounding of the power/mains power, causing interference with the touch screen detection.

Then, of course, it might be software or firmware, of course.

Josiah Preuternp

New Member
No to the sweaty palms, but it did have me running around trying different outlets and that is the case. Outlets that I know are on a different breaker do not interfere at all. I just inadvertently found out why this particular breaker trips really easily.