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Surface Pro 128Gb = $499 at BestBuy!!


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no way. for the new model pro 2? no way..lol even if so, likely would be ones with the older processor.

edit: its no longer that price. plus its the original pro. still a great deal though. I still have my original pro and still works great.

edit2: seems like best buy increased the price while Microsoft store still selling it for 499. wow I paid more than double
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Note that the original post is in the SurfacePro section and not the Surface Pro 2 section? That should have been a hint... :)

Also it should be noted that great deals generally don't last long!


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At that price, I had to pick one up from MS store. Received it today and learning my way around a bit. This is my first post with it btw...so far; very pleased.
I guess $499 was the magic price that got all of the fence sitters to buy...at that price it's cheaper than a galaxy note 10 and equal to the ipad air with only 16GB of storage.