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Surface Pro 2 1.9 CPU Lot Numbers


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[BLAH BLAH BLAH]...I would be quite satisfied with the 4200U since, as you said, it's not a world-changing boost...[BLAH BLAH BLAH]
...whatever... as long as you like whichever variation of the device you have. Thanks though for stopping by to share ;-)


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@Philtastic, You have no idea what I do, or what you are talking about.
If the CPU was genuinly faster, then Intel would charge more than the 4200U. But they are not. Exact same price. Why?
Actually, it appears you have no idea what you're talking about -- the 4200 has been replaced with the 4300 -- the 4300 is an incremental upgrade to the 4200. Thanks though for stopping by ;-)


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How I love posts from users who claim they're IT professionals and who keep returning their 4200 units because for them the speed increase is important and link trustworthy sources claiming double-digit performance increase... it's just a pile of BS, you know :)

I think it's a "mine is bigger than yours" thing. If a 4500 equipped model would suddenly appear, i bet they would moan at the nearest BB and request yet another replacement, poor souls :)

For newcomers - no matter what cpu have you received - as long as your unit (the Surface!) is okay (no excessive bleeding, no faulty components), be happy with it and don't read threads like this one.


Microsoft should have stuck with the 4200. No open box returns or returns from those of us yearning for the 4300.


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Not really, actually, the thread started here: Surface Pro 2.5 i5 4300U 1.9 Ghz 2.5 Ghz - Microsoft Community

This is where the tech blogs got their start on the 'story' and ran with it -- anything else is 'me-too' ;-)

Regardless, the tech blogosphere has moved on, they don't tend to linger on Windows 8/Surface related stuff :-(

No I started this thread and it is totally different. I wasn't trying to break the news about the Surface Pro 2.5. Heck we already had a thread here about that. This thread and title was all about the 4300u Lot Numbers! So yes I think I started what has now become a PITA thread.


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Just got my surface pro 2 today, asked for lot 1350 at best buy, luckily they had a few and now I have the 1.9gh and 4300u graphics card in it. Really happy with it so far and can't wait to keep playing around with it, having to charge it for the first time right now.