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Surface Pro 2 - i5, 4GB, 128SSD in excellent condition with original boxes


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Upgraded to a Pro 3 and looking to sell an excellent condition Surface Pro 2, i5, 4GB, 128SSD with purple Type Cover 2.

The Pro 2 itself has VERY few signs of wear, maybe a touch here and there at the corners, but as shown in the pictures, this has seen little use "outside". It was mostly used as my secondary office computer. The TypeCover2 is in good condition as well, and was cleaned with only some slight shine on the keys.

Both the Pro 2 and TypeCover2 will have their original boxes with all original contents. I'll reimage it as well prior to shipping so it is in the original state ready to be configured.

Looking for $584 plus $15 for shipping and optional insurance (extra $5).