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surface pro 2 in Chinese become a Box for me ...

Mike singh

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i bought surface pro 2 online on Chinese website,however its a Chinese version cant be convert in to ENGLISH...i had tried to contact Microsoft Rep office in Guangzhou -china and received following email from them ..

In China purchased Surface Pro 2 has two versions, one is Surface pro Chinese version, one is Surface Pro Professional Edition, Professional Edition if it is, can be set to download a language pack for multi-language and change the language, but if it is the Chinese version, you can not install additional language package.

If the confirmation is Surface pro Chinese version, you will need to re install the professional version.


i had sent few reminder after but no response and i called them , they gave me 8008203800 helpline which is in pure Chinese i cant understand ..

to be honest surface become a BOX for me i feel like kick it out and what a suck marketing stretchy by Microsoft ..

if i buy new Surface Pro Professional Edition i need to spend money again , also i need to buy office again .. i don't know it almost double cost .. please help me if any alternative idea to convert in english or my money drain in it ..

please pls please


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Is exchanging it for Professional version an option OR just returning the Chinese version. Then buy what you need there or elsewhere.

Was the Chinese version cheaper??? did it have Windows XP installed on it :)


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Welcome to the world of glocalization.
Companies think we are all idiots and need to be protected from ourselves.


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I have a SP1, Chinese edition. You cannot install the necessary English language packs.

If you try to restore the SP1, Chinese edition, with a USB restore image made on a US SP1, that works. However, after the restore, the OEM key will not activate. I got around that using a key I had from a Technet subscription for Windows 8. Problem solved. If you don't have a Windows 8 retail/technet/etc. key, however, then you'd have to buy one...You won't get the install activated using the key in the SP1, Chinese edition BIOS.

The other downside to using the standard US USB restore image is that you lose the free copy of MS Office that comes with the Chinese edition.