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Surface Pro 128GB -- Early reactions . . .


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I believe the statements about the RT charger not working or being very slow are overblown. We have some indirect evidence of this above. The power rating of the Pro charger takes some additional overhead into consideration. If you use the RT charger on a Pro that is asleep or off you should see just about standard recharge times on the Pro even from an RT charger. Perhaps somebody can try timing it next time to confirm :)


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The real fix is to add this forum to your browser compatibility list, everything works after that regardless if you use WYSIWYG or not.

And may I add I'm almost certain this forum mechanics has a mind of its own. :cool2:


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Bosamar --

It's even more fun when English is her second language. :) I have a computer here set up for Ladyfriend to use. I installed the Chinese Language Pack on it, so can switch back and forth from English to Chinese. She likes to work in Chinese, but if she needs my help with something, then we switch it to English. Her English is pretty good, but her understanding of computer terminology is not so good, so her translations from Chinese can be pretty ragged. I have set up her Surface Pro the same way, with me as an alternate User.

This is a big jump for her, because she is moving up from Windows XP Pro. For that reason, I have installed a "Start Button Replacement" program on her Pro. I used Start8 from Stardock. It looks pretty good.

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I am in the same boat as you guys --- but fortunately I can read Chinese well enough to handle everything directly.


Try the split on-screen keyboard option. Hit the keyboard button in the lower right hand corner and choose the second option from the left. This work very well on my RT. A normal keyboard layout is terrible on any touch screen bigger than a phone.

Nice, much better!


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fortunately I can read Chinese well enough to handle everything directly.

Hans --

I think that is cheating! :)

My ventures into Mandarin have been interesting. Occasionally, I get a startled look from her, and she asks, "That what you really mean to say?!"

Wellllll, . . . . ., probably not.

One thing is abundantly clear: Her English is a helluva lot better than my Mandarin.

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