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Here you go. they are released into the wild and its looking very good for MS so far. Even Engadget loved it in their video review. Anandtech was definitely impressed and recommends it. but as always, theres room for improvement. Pro2 looks to be a winner.

Engadget video review: [video=youtube;jaVqGqUyEwo]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaVqGqUyEwo[/video]

Engadget Review: Microsoft Surface Pro 2 review: a tablet that works best as a laptop

Anandtech Review: AnandTech | Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Review

Updated Anandtech Battery Tests:

Verge Review:

CNET video Review:

Gizmodo Surface Pro2 Review:

PC Mag:

Mashable Review:


Mobile Tech Review:

Docking Station Unboxing:
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Engadget's review seemed to miss just how popular the Pro is with artist types who use it in tablet mode quite a lot (or exclusively), along with other potential fields/industries (e.g. medicine). Still, good comparison against the knock-offs----err, "competition," detailing just what you'd sacrifice either way. Haven't read/watched the other ones just yet.
6-7 hours of battery is a nice increase from 4-5 hours. Assuming a mean time of 6.5 hours with 30Wh Power Cover which is 71% of the Surface 42Wh, you would get 11+ hours of use time.
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FACTUAL ERROR in Pc Mag's article (as much as I agree with the corporate-level risk assessment analysis): Delta Airlines bought Surface 2, not Surface Pros.

Ive been posting all the links but I'm still catching up..lol haven't got to that one yet. Good catch though. On Engadget YouTube video I commented on it pointing out that error you saw earlier on the amount of ram in original RT. They made same mistake in written review also. If RT would've only had 1gb of ram it would've been bad. I think they got it mixed up with the Surface 2 now having 64bit wide bus to go with the ram. Since its tegra4. Ill give them the benefit of the doubt since lady who reviewed it seemed nice..haha
What themes do you mean? The ones that come with 8.1? I saw all of those in my updated RT also.

For example, check that Endgadget video. Notice the themes that the SP2 had that the presenter was working with. Those themes? Also, I seem to only have three themes with 8.1 RT same with 8.1 on my desktop. But I keep seeing other quite nice themes (abstract ones) when I see videos etc. Any idea where those come from?
Did you check control panel> appearance and personalization> personalization? Like if you click on the lines and color one, then go to bottom of page then press desktop background, you will see several themes appear. Not just 3 it says on previous screen. Now those are present on my RT also. I'll check that video out shortly to see if its the same ones I'm thinking.
Demandarin - thanks for spoon feeding me. On the road - checked this site. So nice to see those consolidated in one thread. Great job!
I checked out the video again. All those same ones are on my rt with 8.1 update. Just go to the place in control panel I mentioned in previous post. They in there.