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Trackpad Sensitivity?


I have now owned 4 different Surface Books and the latest one is driving me nuts. Whenever I hover over anything for more than a nano-second AND my finger is resting on the trackpad - even if it is VERY lightly resting on it, it activates the click. I do not have the "autoclick on hover" option activated. I turned it on and off several times, exiting out of the settings window in between. The first Surface Book I had did this although I had to be hovered over it for a bit longer. The next two did not exhibit this at all after the autoclick was turned off. This one is driving me nuts. I debated whether I should even post this here or not as it would seem to be a Windows problems, but the fact that I have seen 3 different reactions from 4 different units leads me to believe that it is a trackpad sensitivity issue and not a Windows setting issue. Anyone else experience this?

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