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  1. O

    Problem with missing space on SPro2

    My little brother has a Surface Pro 2 and it has a problem regarding storage. Sometimes when downloading things the download fails but the space is still used up on the hard drive (the files aren't visible either). He was complaining to me about this before, but I wasn't really sure what he...
  2. P

    Solved Surface Pro 2 Reset Internet Connection Problem

    Hi I have done a quick search through the forum but unfortunately have not found an issue quite the same as this. About 6 months ago I bought a used Surface Pro 2 from ebay and up until now it has given no problems. I am dual booting with RemixOS and windows 10. Problem: The windows side of...
  3. C

    Surface Pro 2 Trackpad Error

    EDIT: Yes, already lol. I have been able to consistently recreate the issue. When I click one finger towards the bottom of the trackpad, it acts as a right click. When I click higher up on trackpad, it works correctly. I will be headed back to MS yet again tomorrow for SP2 number 3, in 3 days...
  4. T

    New Power Cover Won't charge

    Ok so I bought a new Power Cover for my Surface Pro 2 from eBay. I was using it for about 2-3 weeks while plugged in and everything was working great. Until I unplugged it to use it while on the road. Since I'd just unplugged it, both batteries should have read at 100% but when I turned it on...
  5. davidcrazyj

    access to the port 'com6' is denied . 3d printer usb serial connection problem

    windows 10 surface pro 2 through usb with ftdi cdm drivers (microchip to pc / 3d printer drivers) and repetier 2.0 to tronxy p802m 3d printer: keeps coming up with access to the port 'com6' is denied. Com 6 is the port that disappears if I unplug it and reappears if I re-plug. phone connects...
  6. M

    Type Cover (1) isn't working

    My Type cover isn't working (I have no backlight so I guess I have the first version) At first when it stopped working correctly it sometimes worked when it had a certain angle between the keyboard and the screen. Now I can't seem to find this "hotspot". I read this could be caused by a bad...
  7. T

    SP2 not boot (UEFI)

    Hello! I bought my parents a present surface. and so it turned out that the tablet is unfortunately not earned. Here's how it looks: I know that you say: "download a recovery image from the official site" but I cant Please help. Tried chkdsk /f (and r) - x Repair Windows - x Repair...
  8. 1

    Which Surface is best for me?

    I've recently been interested in picking up a cheap (sub $300-250) surface tablet, and I've seen pro model 1s and 2s all over the place and even a regular surface 3 (atom x7). My main goal with the tablet is for 2D game development in programs like contruct 2 and Clickteam fusion 2.5, which I...
  9. jefhart

    SP2 won't power off

    I've been running 10 since it came out and haven't had any issues so far. But I'm not sure whether this is a problem with 10 or the unit itself. I use my Surface at home and work. Generally I take it home, throw it in the dock, then in the morning power it down and take it out of the dock...